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This community is for those of us who prefer not to drive for reasons that are not strictly environmental, political, or philosophical— in other words, people who are just plain driving-impaired.

For those who are perfectly capable of driving but who have made a conscious choice not to drive, carfree is probably where you want to be.

Now that we've got that intro out of the way...

This community is for rants, raves, and even rational discussions on how difficult life is for those of us who have difficulties driving. It can be quite an inhospitable world for those who don't have a car, and in many cases, we'd gladly own one if only we were comfortable enough with our own driving to want to. That's probably the main difference between this community and carfree: our choice not to drive is more a matter of skill than a choice brought about merely by ethical or environmental considerations (though those may very well play a part too!).

So, what sort of conditions might present difficulties that would cause someone to choose not to drive? Anxiety is probably the most common factor; sufficient cases of driving phobia can cause drivers to hesitate or to make careless mistakes on the road. But it doesn't take anxiety per se to impair one's driving. Some people are just naturally clumsy, unable to maneuver a car with enough precision to drive as effectively as the majority of people. Others have difficulty observing their environment to the degree required by drivers, or correctly processing those observations so that they make a marginal amount of sense. And then, of course, there's the whole tangentially related issue of being "directionally impaired", unable to find one's way from point A to point B without getting horribly lost somewhere in between... But I digress. I think you get the idea.

You're also perfectly welcome here if you have managed to get a driver's license by some sheer stroke of luck, but still greatly dislike driving for reasons of fear or discomfort.

This community is maintained by codeman38, a non-driver himself for a number of the reasons mentioned above, who honestly would prefer life this way if only it weren't so difficult to get anywhere...

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