classy69 (classy69) wrote in drivingimpaired,

Big Fear.....

I'm 24 years old. I have had my license for about 7 years and only been behind the wheel like 5 times in my 24 years of living. I have this very serious fear of driving that is driving me crazy. When I get behind the wheel, I become dizzy, light-headed, and totally upset. I have not been traumatized in the past with accidents or anything else that would change my mind about driving, so I do not understand the reason why I can not get behind the wheel. Not being able to drive has made my life a living hell. When my friends and I go out, the topic is always “How is Valencia going to get home?” or “Who’s picking her up?”. I feel like a helpless child and just pathetic. I hate taking public transportation and and my jobs have always been walking distance from my house, because of this fear. Living in the city is easy to find jobs or to get around. I'm just tired of all the crazy people that take public transportation. Being a female, men often like to pick on you and yell sexual comments. I found this community and I am very surprised that other people are on here expressing the same problem that I am trying to get over. I hope and pray that I can get comfort on here and to get over this fear....HELP!
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