HappyLittleMoron (moronqueen) wrote in drivingimpaired,

Yet another newbie post.

I'm suprised I found this group...but it's great that it exists.

I have an irrational fear of driving, and feel so alone in that fact most of the time. I'm 28 with no drivers license, but something like my third or fourth permit. I'm fine when there aren't other people on the road, but as soon as there are moe than maybe five others...hello panic attack land.

It used to happen when I'm a passanger, but I've gotten better with that, banning occational relapses.

Unfortunately, as it looks like others know, getting around is a problem...if I drove, my commute would be only 15 minutes, but by bus, it's a half hour walk, then another half hour busride. Minnesota winters really suck.

Anyway...before this turns into a ramble...glad to see this place, even if it does seem pretty quiet. :)
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