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Hi all

My name is Claudia, I'm 25 years old, and I don't have a license. I took driver's education when I was 16, passed, took the permit test, failed, and got my permit after the second attempt. My dad used to pick me up from school and I'd drive home. My senior year I even got a driver's instructor and finished the course. I went to college and didn't feel I was ready to take the test and so my dad continued to pick me up and I'd drive home every now and then, but sometimes I just didn't feel up to it. I let my permit expire and didn't drive for a long time but eventually took the test again and had my permit. Well, it's been years since I've driven and now it's come to the point where I may need to get a car/my license because I'm looking to get a job and even though it's really close by it's rather impossible to walk there during the winter because it gets really cold here (negative degrees, sometimes) and my husband will not hear of me walking there and back (honestly I wouldn't want to because I'm from California and even though I've lived here a couple of years I'm not used to, nor do I like, how cold it gets here).

At times I think I want a car because it would mean so much freedom. I've never really had a desire for one. I feel nervous yet excited at the thought of owning my own vehicle and honestly if we lived anywhere else I'd probably still keep my pedestrian status because not only do I love to walk, but I just don't feel like I could handle the responsibility of a car. I don't think I'm a good driver and I've never really driven by myself before. I feel I'm bad at changing lanes and horrible at backing up. I also have emetophobia, and I imagine that wouldn't help matters when feeling anxious.

Anyway, thanks for reading. It's nice to be in a group that understands. :-)
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